enough's enough

from by Webcam Teens



you've got it figured out for everyone you've built a soapbox for your point of view sewing circles until your tale's spun solving puzzles without a clue your words divide they don't add up all bullshit aside enough is enough in the past i tried to get your back and hoped the dots would connect in your head but when you plugged in it was just feedback i wish you'd change your tune instead pointing fingers assigning blame seems like self adulation is the name of your game cause you beat a dead horse until it becomes lame so what you call your fire i call a flame enough's enough.


from Separation Anxiety EP, released August 3, 2014



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Webcam Teens Tallahassee, Florida

d - p. hellinger
g - s. fiori
g - n. najafi
b - s. abbasi
v - t. depalma

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