Separation Anxiety EP

by Webcam Teens

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released August 3, 2014

recorded/mixed by sebastian 'furious' fiori and 'precious' paul hellinger. mastered by bill henderson/azimuth. previous album artwork by the illustrious stephen shrewsbury. present album artwork by the deranged saad abbasi. intro clip by skeme all rights reserved for him.



all rights reserved


Webcam Teens Tallahassee, Florida

d - p. hellinger
g - s. fiori
g - n. najafi
b - s. abbasi
v - t. depalma

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Track Name: enough's enough
you've got it figured out for everyone you've built a soapbox for your point of view sewing circles until your tale's spun solving puzzles without a clue your words divide they don't add up all bullshit aside enough is enough in the past i tried to get your back and hoped the dots would connect in your head but when you plugged in it was just feedback i wish you'd change your tune instead pointing fingers assigning blame seems like self adulation is the name of your game cause you beat a dead horse until it becomes lame so what you call your fire i call a flame enough's enough.
Track Name: still
crushed to death by the daily grind your prayers for change are paid no mind your only next step should be out of line but you choke on your words and you swallow your pride a sinking feeling but swept out with the tide what's left of your self just gets buried inside and you're still ... playing their game and you're still ... it's all the same and you're still ... the one to blame you're still the one to blame just how long can you maintain this charade and bite your tongue so a smile is displayed why keep on marching in their parade you've got to stop.
Track Name: where you stand
human swine lecherous pigs more meat market than they are gigs in the shadows anonymous lies a pack of wolves licking their lips this is safe for us but its not safe for you you've found a room with a view so watch your mouth and watch your hands watch your back and where you stand more eyes on you than you might know and we'll watch you reap what you sow you fucking animal.
Track Name: crazy
what's the point of no return when you're lost in your own mind when you start to take comfort in every fiction you can find when your hands are so full that you lose your grasp on reality when the chips start to crack through and destroy your mask of sanity when you're lost in your own mind you're crazy to think no one will notice or that you're fooling anyone you're crazy to think things get better once this trip has now begun you're crazy if this isn't something that makes you nervous the end is near you're crazy if this cliff you stand on is something that you do not fear you're crazy.
Track Name: out of time
that's the last bit of pain i'll allow myself to feel you're letting go of this chain i'm letting go of the wheel quick flash and it's over jump for joy and you're done knock knock but there's no answer cut throat until you've won it's time to take back what's rightfully mine before i run out of time there's no way that you could hurt me more than i can hurt myself last chapter of this story hang my spine back on the shelf i'm out of time.
Track Name: white flag
who's funding the war in your head which regime would prefer you were dead what forces spoon the lies you are fed where have your marching orders led look up its the chain of command look down its their list of demands what accounts for your selective service who dictates and leaves you speechless what line of defense impedes your progress have your objectives replaced your purpose put away the white flag step off the front lines stand up to your superiors question the intelligence you receive it's time to lay down your weapon it's time to fall on your sword see the enemy for who he really is see the enemy inside of yourself there can be no more retreat no psychological surrender a mutiny of the mind is needed one final act of insubordination how long have you been fighting what are you really fighting for can you ever truly be at ease without breaking ranks with the world put away the white flag.