Redlined EP

by Webcam Teens

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recorded july 22nd and 23rd 2012 & mixed by Charles Chaussinand. this isnt album art but sebastian drew it one night. selections of 'industrial society and its future' borrowed without permission but all rights reserved for t. kaczynski.


released August 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Webcam Teens Tallahassee, Florida

d - p. hellinger
g - s. fiori
g - n. najafi
b - s. abbasi
v - t. depalma

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Track Name: Right or Wrong?
a disappearing act
backstabbed to be exact
tear up the contract
your blood on the next pact

right or wrong?
right or wrong this test is over

time to wipe clean
nothing left in between
words are obscene
so clear now what you mean
Track Name: Self Destruct
losing all my marbles never played with a full deck
doubt and paranoia with their hands around my neck
no use popping pills into the mouth of madness
no use to cry for help or they’ll strap me to a mattress

i gotta find a way to turn out the light
i gotta find a way to turn off my mind

slam my head against walls to clear up the confusion
the tension’s always there but can’t tie up the loose ends
yeah doc i’ve got problems, just too many to mention
ignoring the hand out, but that just begs the question

are the walls closing in?
or have i sewn my eyes shut?
have i set myself up
to self destruct?

self destruction
Track Name: Wasted Space
no need to question you have all the answers
soldiers of fortune singers and dancers
abusing the substance ignoring the message
structure your sentence set sail on the wreckage

wasted space
it’s just wasted space

life of the party death of a feeling
run wild on empty extra low ceiling
gone in a heartbeat no mark to mention
cut lines and repeat but can’t cut this tension

wasted space
it’s just wasted space
... and you’re a waste of space
Track Name: Oblivion
godfather of a bastard child
abandoned son of a feudal age
let’s hang a crown on the scriptkeeper
know the story without turning a page

it’s a countdown to oblivion
can that be such a terrible thing?

vandals have gotten new handles
but their writing’s still on the wall
if you wanna make it out alive
you gotta jump before the fall

it’s a countdown to oblivion
can that be such a terrible thing?
disinherit what was left for us
protection from the pain it’ll bring

tear the whole thing down so we can start from scratch
let’s let the roaches sort it out with the rats
a scorched earth this cold wasn’t meant to last
got my fingers crossed for the industrial collapse

we’re dogs at the table begging for scrap
wearing pavlov’s collars, our memories mapped
unstack the deck and let’s shuffle again
why is this a tear we even wanna mend?

it’s a countdown to oblivion
what’s another million … of us?
Track Name: Future Shock
requirements of the system
you open windows but don’t listen
process power without wisdom
handheld to your mental prison

willing slaves to automation
dependence not innovation
new modes of communication
bullshit, it’s just isolation

download your mind
mechanical life and death

a circuitry bind
becoming entwined
can’t we rewind instead?

guarantee our obsolescence
digitize our subservience
gift wrapping our presence
it’s our artificial intelligence
Track Name: A Look at Tomorrow
by discharge