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released March 25, 2012

recorded wednesday march 21, 2012 by 'precious' paul hellinger



all rights reserved


Webcam Teens Tallahassee, Florida

d - p. hellinger
g - s. fiori
g - n. najafi
b - s. abbasi
v - t. depalma

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Track Name: Behold a Pale Horse
the horse was pestilence
and the rider was death
empires out of indifference
shouldering devils both right and left

modern day traitors
dollar signs for eyes
the usual party favors
wolves without disguise

oh brave new world
that has such people in it
waiting on returns
guaranteed to be diminished

their lies hang in the air
are these the winds of change
how is the forecast ever fair
Track Name: Meaningless
not hard to understand alone in the rubble
theres nothing but lies at the end of the tunnel
hit rock bottom ... left holding the shovel
not screaming at a wall, its more of a mumble

you live and learn but die and forget
head in the clouds feet in cement
not living life, but its killing me
locking doors to be set free
nothing to do, nowhere to turn
building bridges just to watch them burn

used to understand, now its meaning less
used to need a hand, now no feeling left
woke up left for dead and wanna be left alone
dont wanna wait for a future that ill never own

its meaningless
its meaning less to me.
Track Name: Talked Out
where are you, where did you go
thought you cared, now i dont know
were we paid with your lip service
was what you said really worthless
youre lecturing what life's about
you wanna talk, but im talked out

cant take a stand with such bad posture
reach out your hand its an empty gesture
were we building you a kings chair
sat down once and then disappeared
its reasonable to have my doubt
you wanna talk, well im talked out

talked out
both sides of your mouth
Track Name: Oblivion
godfather of a bastard child
abandoned son of a feudal age
lets hang a crown on the scriptkeeper
know the story without turning a page

its a countdown to oblivion and
can that be such a terrible thing

the vandals have gotten new handles
but their writings still on the wall
if you wanna make it out alive
you gotta jump before the fall

its a countdown to oblivion
can that be such a terrible thing
disinherit what was left for us
protection from the pain itll bring

tear the whole thing down
so we can start from scratch
let the roaches sort it out
with the rats
a scorched earth this cold
wasn't meant to last
got my fingers crossed
for the industrial collapse

we're dogs at the table
begging for scrap
wearing pavlovs collars
our memories mapped
unstack the deck and
lets shuffle again
why is this a tear
we even wanna mend

its a countdown to oblivion
whats another million ... of us
Track Name: Smiling Disease
did an about face
down in shit again
float alone in space
how its always been

trying too hard
aiming to please
there's no cure for
this smiling disease

smiling just because
it beats a cold blank stare
looking up see saws
stamped buyer beware

gathering my bearings
but stuck on four square wheels
study up on pairings
but eat my words for meals